Sen. Rubio to Infowars host Jones: ‘Don’t touch me again’

by Abel Hampton September 7, 2018, 1:15
Sen. Rubio to Infowars host Jones: ‘Don’t touch me again’

When Jones asked if Rubio was going to have him arrested, Rubio said that the authorities wouldn't be necessary because "I'll take care of you myself". "Thank God Trump is".

CNBC on Wednesday aired video of libertarian radio host Alex Jones shouting about how the government had not intervened when he was removed from social media platforms.

Jones turned to the reporters and said Rubio had "threatened to physically take care of me". "I'm asking you not to touch me".

The heated exchange escalated as the senator told Jones to "get your hand off me, don't touch me".

Rubio eventually acknowledged him again, laughing he had a "heckler at a press gaggle", while again saying he didn't know who Jones was or about his website.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ambushed Sen.

Boorstin pointed out that Jones was attending a hearing about election interference, and it was not about his fight with technology companies. You look like a possum that got caught doing some really nasty stuff - in my view.

This morning, Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg faced questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee about how their companies handle myriad issues, including misinformation, content moderations, and foreign intrusion. You're like a little gangster thug. He also livestreamed a news conference Wednesday from Washington on his Twitter account, which has been restored after a weeklong suspension last month. CNN even provided Dorsey with a list of seven tweets that violated the site's terms of use, and yet only now is Jones finally banned, after there could be no way for Twitter to talk its way around letting him remain on the platform.

Rubio went back to speaking to reporters with an impressive poker face as Jones continually interjected, claiming that "Democrats are raping Republicans".

Jones was previously suspended by the service for a week.

For what it's worth, I bet Rubio could take Jones, a belief based on the time that Jones backed down after confronting Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. You're not going to silence America.

Things only degenerated further from there, with Rubio soon walking away and telling the reporters they could feel free to interview "this clown".

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