Donald Trump speaks at Republican fundraising event

by Frankie Norman September 8, 2018, 0:15
Donald Trump speaks at Republican fundraising event

Trump, meanwhile, claims he fell asleep watching Obama's speech.

"It did not start with Donald Trump", Obama said during a noon speech at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The former president's remarks in IL came ahead of a series of campaign stops to help fellow Democrats running in the November midterm elections.

Obama has made some appearances since Trump took office - including headlining a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee earlier this year, and has not stayed mum on Washington affairs.

Republicans shrugged off Mr Obama's criticism. "I found he's very good - very good for sleeping!"

Trump has consistently used Obama as a foil on Twitter to energize his voters, while Democratic incumbent senators are struggling for reelection in states where Obama has never been particularly popular.

The remarks served as Obama's first steps into the political fray ahead of the fall campaign.

President Obama speaking to students at the University of IL.

Obama tore into Trump and the GOP during the speech, criticizing Trump for "capitalizing on resentment" politicians have capitalized on.

Meanwhile, former first lady Michelle Obama is taking a bit of a different approach by not directly campaigning for Democrats but doing voter registration for the midterms and beyond through the newly created "When We All Vote". As Obama noted, the supposed fiscal conservatism that Republicans cited as the reason they couldn't compromise disappeared overnight when they took power: "This is supposed to be the party of fiscal conservatism". All these terrified tea party activists, and the Republican leaders warning of profound social transformation, were really just concerned about the budget deficit.

And Obama went on from there, calling Trump out over "cozying up to Putin", for not standing up to "Nazi sympathizers", for attacking the press, for directing his own Justice Department to show political deference, and for costing us "honesty and decency and lawfulness in our government".

Here is what seven right-wingers have said in response to Obama's speech.

Obama also jabbed Trump on the issue the current president frequently heralds as one of his greatest achievements: The strong economy. "Doubling down on that strategy won't work in 2018 either".

Instead, Obama's advisers believe his midterm message will more closely resemble the remarks the former President delivered in South Africa as part of an event honoring the late Nelson Mandela.

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