Trump sends mean tweets, first lady talks positivity online

by Wade Massey August 21, 2018, 0:32
Trump sends mean tweets, first lady talks positivity online

She rejected his advice, and publicly said she was willing to face the criticism. "Most children are more aware of the benefits and pitfalls of social media than some adults, but we still need to do all we can to provide them with information and tools for successful and safe online habits".

The president suggested that Mrs. Trump choose a different topic to avoid questions about how the wife of a notorious Twitter bully could lead a campaign to spotlight anti-bullying and other child wellness efforts, and he warned her that she was opening herself to such jeers, people familiar with the conversations said. "It can be used in many positive ways, but also can be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly", she said.

Her message was part of a broader initiative, Be Best, that her office launched in May on improving children's well-being, including "the safe and responsible use of social media", as she characterized it in Monday's remarks.

"In today's global society, social media is integral part of our children's daily lives", the first lady said.

Melania Trump has condemned social media trolls as "destructive and harmful" less than a week after her husband called a former aide a "dog" online.

Melania Trump said she recently met with students who are part of Microsoft's Council for Digital Good. She is well aware of the criticism, but that will not deter her from doing what she feels is right.

"It is exactly what she wants it to be, and has been a success", Mrs. Trump's communications director Stephanie Grisham said.

First lady Melania Trump on Monday delivered a new speech to discuss her "Be Best" campaign to stop children from being cyberbullied - and she may have used the speech to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump.

Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said the first lady chose Africa as the destination for her first big solo worldwide trip after she learned about some of the development programs that are underway in many of its countries.

The first lady's audience on Monday included representatives of social media companies, federal agencies, educational organisations, youth programs and law enforcement.

'I would hope most people in this country are proud that they have a strong and independent First Lady who only has the best interests of children at heart - I know I am'. He said one in five children experience bullying, and that 16 per cent of children now are victims of cyberbullying.

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