Freedom Flotilla intercepted by Israeli Navy

by Abel Hampton August 1, 2018, 0:16
Freedom Flotilla intercepted by Israeli Navy

Israeli forces attacked one of the Freedom Flotilla ships on Sunday as it was approaching the shores of the besieged Gaza Strip and redirected its sail toward the southern Israeli seaport of Ashdod.

Earlier "blockade busting" attemptsThe voyage by the Al Awda was the latest in a series of bids aimed at busting the blokade and reaching Gaza, reports Al Jazeera.

United Nations officials and rights activists have called for the blockade to be lifted, citing deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Palestinian enclave of two million people run by Hamas.

It said there were activists from 14 countries, mainly from Europe but also Malaysia, the US and Israel, on the ship carrying 100 boxes of medical aid for Gaza.

Norway demanded that Israel explain the legal grounds for the arrest of a fishing vessel Kaarstein, which, being under the Norwegian flag, tried to break the naval blockade of the Gaza strip on July 29.

An activist group affiliated with the boat named al-Awda (The Return) said 22 people - including two Singaporeans - and a cargo of medical supplies were on board.

Gaza, a coastal sliver on the Mediterranean, is where Palestinian resistance movements enjoy massive public support.

"In response, an IDF aircraft targeted an observation post in the northern Gaza Strip", the IDF said on Twitter.

The Israeli military said troops opened fire to hold off thousands of Palestinians, some of whom threw rocks and rolled burning tyres at the border fence in attempts to sabotage it. Ismail Nazari, chairman of Malaysia's boycott Israel campaign; Charlie Andreason of Sweden, who spent time in Israeli detention for his role on the Marianne, a Swedish-flagged trawler leading a flotilla of boats in June 2015; Spanish Jewish activist Zohar Shamir Chamberlain; and Heather Milton-Lightening, an activist for indigenous Canadians.

Many attempts have been made to draw attention to the Palestinian cause using blockade-busting flotillas.

Numerous activist ships have been prevented from reaching Gaza in recent years.

Mr Treen was part of a flotilla that was stopped near Gaza in worldwide waters.

It also prompted residents to set sail from the coast of Gaza in May in a bid to break Israel's imposed boundary.

"The ship was monitored and was intercepted in accordance with global law".

"Mike is also very aware that what was done to him over the last 24 hours is the daily reality for the almost 2 million citizens of Gaza, imprisoned as a people" said Mr Hehir.

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