Drake visits patient, 11, who invited him to her birthday

by Wade Massey August 24, 2018, 14:07
Drake visits patient, 11, who invited him to her birthday

Drake, in a surprise visit, granted one of two of Sanchez's birthday wishes (the other being to receive a new heart). The first was to be given a new heart, and the second was to meet Drake.

Drake made a little girl's dreams come true with a surprise hospital visit.

A Chicago girl who is awaiting a heart transplant has danced her way into a meeting with Drake.

She got on Drake's radar after she posted an "In My Feelings" dance video. weeks after undergoing open heart surgery and waiting for a heart transplant.

The rapper shared photos of himself with Sofia Sanchez, who has heart failure, onto Instagram.

Drake chose to visit Sanchez because of her inspiring video of the "In My Feelings" challenge. When you come here.

"When you come here, I can show you".

"Thank you Drake for coming to see me, it means a lot for you to come and cheer me up", Sanchez said in the statement. Her birthday wish - to meet Drizzy.

Drake released images of their visit via his Instagram account Monday afternoon, noting "Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball".

It's another heartwarming deed in a string of acts of kindness from the rapper.

The "God's Plan" crooner delivered, signing autographs for Sofia, gifting her a "Scorpion" album baseball cap, singing and taking selfies.

In February, he gave a young student a $50,000 (£36,000) scholarship after reading one of her essays.

He ended up giving away the entire $1m (£780,000) video budget to people in Miami, which included buying the shopping for everyone in a supermarket and donating a large sum to a homeless shelter.

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