Are Democrats' Tactics to Delay Kavanaugh Nomination Actually Working?

by Abel Hampton August 4, 2018, 3:10
Are Democrats' Tactics to Delay Kavanaugh Nomination Actually Working?

"As I've continued to say, one of the most important jobs of any US senator is to fully vet any nominee to serve on the Supreme Court, the highest court in our land", Heitkamp said in a statement.

Grassley, in a July 27 letter, had asked to get records by August 15 from the George W. Bush Presidential Library about Kavanaugh's work in the White House counsel's office. What is clear, however, is that if Republicans do find a pretext for ramming Kavanaugh's confirmation through before the midterm elections, they would likely have to do so with incomplete information about his past.

Tom Williams via Getty Images Republican Senate Judiciary Committee members standing with boxes representing roughly 1 million pages of documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Hatch and other Republican senators criticized Democrats for their attempts to obstruct the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

The GOP statement said the committee was counting on receiving documents "in an even more rapid fashion" from the archives of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

"It's just fantastic to me that they make such a farce out of this", Hatch, R-Utah, said at news conference with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Sen.

Democrats already have objected to what they say is a limited scope of documents Grassley and other Republicans on the committee sought from Kavanaugh's background, particularly his work as White House staff secretary in the George W. Bush administration. Sen.

A delay in the confirmation process would give Democrats more time to hammer Kavanaugh, a conservative jurist they fear could swing the high court to the right for decades and imperil landmark cases like Roe v. Wade. "We don't know what they've held back, or why". Chris Coons of DE said at a hearing Wednesday that the Senate should receive even more documents than what Grassley had requested.

In a USA Today op-ed Thursday, Hatch wrote that Democrats are trying to "Bork" Kavanaugh.

But Republicans have refused to request records from Kavanaugh's time serving in the Bush White House as staff secretary from 2003-2006, saying such documents are irrelevant to his nomination process.

"The fact of the matter is that Judge Kavanaugh is going to sit on the United States Supreme Court when we're through", Hatch added.

Republicans have been hesitant to request those records, however, and have accused Democrats of engaging in stalling tactics.

"Those are documents that presumably our colleagues have looked at, but they haven't found much in it to build a case against the nominee so now they've chose to take it down a different path, which I believe is more of a stall tactic than anything else", said Tillis.

"I'm exhausted of partisanship and frankly, we didn't treat their candidates for these positions the way they're treating ours", Sen.

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