President Trump narrows Supreme Court search, focuses on three judges

by Abel Hampton July 6, 2018, 22:31
President Trump narrows Supreme Court search, focuses on three judges

According to Bloomberg: "Kethledge has impressed those within the White House, the people close to the process said".

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his nominee for Justice Anthony Kennedy's soon-to-be vacant Supreme Court seat on Monday.

But some Trump supporters oppose him, in part because he worked at the White House under George W. Bush, viewed as a traditional rather than an insurgent president in the Trump mold. Then, liberal and conservative groups will spend tens of millions of dollars on the airwaves in hopes of influencing key senators. "She is not perceived as a Washington insider and that can be very powerful", said Ms.

"He looks, walks and quacks like John G. Roberts Jr.", said former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II, referencing the chief justice of the United States, who angered conservatives with his rulings on President Barack Obama's signature health-care law.

Kethledge had the option of joining one of several pro-gun opinions, including a heavily "original meaning" focused one which criticized the controlling opinion in the case for "giving little more than a nod to the originalist inquiry".

Kethledge, 51, was born in Summit, New Jersey, and grew up in MI. He likes to work in a converted barn office overlooking Lake Huron, with a wood stove and no Internet, when he writes opinions. He graduated and received his law degree from Yale University. He also led the probe into the suicide of Clinton aide Vincent Foster and worked on the Clinton-linked Whitewater investigation. The nomination was stalled for three years. Contentious confirmation hearings in the Senate delayed his confirmation until 2006.

In one recent case, which is still under submission, Kavanaugh relentlessly questioned a lawyer for The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which had vetoed a Christmas ad from the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

Barrett was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. They believe the Notre Dame law professor and mother of seven would likely overturn the landmark abortion case. He ruled in favor of police's ability to gather cellphone tower location information (the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts ruled the other way); upheld a MI law that barred public schools from collecting union dues from their teachers, and required unions to do the collecting themselves; upheld a mandatory minimum sentence for a man who pleaded guilty to drug charges, even though Congress had reduced the mandatory minimum between the man's guilty plea and sentencing; and struck down a complaint brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that said Kaplan's use of credit checks on job applicants had a discriminatory effect on African Americans.

Republicans are confident they have the votes to confirm anyone Trump chooses, given the party's majority in the Senate and the possibility of picking up votes of Democratic senators from states that heavily favored Trump in 2016. Liberals had a miserable time using their exhausted playbook of attacks against Barrett's last confirmation because she has a compelling and compassionate life story. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) told Barrett that she was concerned "that the dogma lives loudly within you" as she emphasized that Barrett would need to be able to draw a line between faith and law.

Assured he is a candidate of character, talent and originalist disposition, how about longevity?

Like to Kethledge and Kavanaugh, Barret is a textualist. President Ulysses S. Grant eventually signed that legislation and nominated William Strong and Joseph Bradley to the newly restored seats.

Since Trump has similarly avoided testifying before special counsel Robert Mueller, and demonstrably lied to or misled that public and his staff at various points throughout the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, the arguments Kavanaugh helped draft could be used against the president who may appoint him to the Supreme Court. The Senate has so far confirmed 45 of those nominations.

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