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by Abel Hampton July 24, 2018, 3:09
Merkel vows to work at

She has vowed to stay in her role to work on Germany's "under pressure" relationship with the USA despite the challenge of dealing with Trump and a raft of foreign policy challenges including Brexit.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday warned the USA of counter-measures if it imposed punitive tariffs on European cars, saying the move would only create "losers and cause retaliation", the media reported.

She said Germany will continue to increase the defense budget, when commenting on the demand of the U.S. President Donald Trump to achieve the 2-percent target of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as soon as possible.

Merkel responded in his usual diplomatic manner, noting that the usual system of relationships is under a lot of pressure, but the relationship with the United States, as before, are important.

Trump's "America First" plan has included tariffs on German imports, including luxury cars.

Many high-ranking Democrats and some Republicans criticized President Trump's remarks at a press conference following the summit where he appeared to downplay Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

"We don't want these tariffs, we believe that we will damage each other, not only that we in the European Union will be harmed but that these can have a far broader impact", she said, adding they would pose "a real danger for the prosperity of many in the world".

'However, the transatlantic working relationship, including with the USA president, is crucial for us and I will carry on cultivating it, ' she added.

Asked whether she had thought about resigning, Merkel told a news conference: "No, No".

"Language is an expression of thought, and so one has to be very cautious", she said.

But she also warned that Washington could no longer be relied on to deliver world order.

Merkel, who had a strong relationship with President Obama, has expressed disappointment over the current relationship with the USA before.

Merkel said that trans-Atlantic cooperation, including with the president, is "of course central for us and I will continue to nurture it, ' adding that cooperation produces 'win-win" situations.

"We see these potential tariffs both as a breach of WTO rules and also as a danger to the prosperity of many in the world", she said.

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