Rescue boat carrying over 900 migrants docks in Italy

by Abel Hampton June 15, 2018, 19:28
Rescue boat carrying over 900 migrants docks in Italy

Salvini earlier underlined that Italy's ports would no longer be open to foreign boats carrying migrants.

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced the block on the Aquarius, insisting that Italy should have taken the migrants in.

"I speak in the name of a government, but I also have the aim of speaking for a people who have nothing to learn from anyone about generosity, volunteerism, welcome and solidarity", Salvini, the leader of the anti-migrant League party, said to applause in the Senate chamber.

She added: "Europe must fix its asylum system, and share the responsibility for hosting asylum seekers".

Muscat told the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that Malta was acting in full conformity with its worldwide obligations in rejecting the ship.

This undated photo released by by French NGO "SOS Mediterranee" on Monday June 11, 2018 and posted on it's Twitter account, shows migrants about to board the SOS Mediterranee's Aquarius ship and MSF (Doctors Without Borders) NGOs, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The port of Valencia is some 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) from where the vessel had been on standby.

Far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini further raised the stakes suggesting a planned meeting between the two countries should be cancelled if France did not issue an "official apology".

"These provisions and guarantees are time and again violated, as French officers put children immediately onto a regional train to Ventimiglia", the report said.

The issue of how to share the migrant burden is expected to dominate an European Union summit at the end of June.

Spanish deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo says the arrival of the migrants will be staggered, with a few hours in between the three ships, in order to allow the best medical, psychological and legal assistance by authorities and aid groups.

Oxfam said France should immediately stop and adequately sanction the "illegal practices of the French police at the French-Italian border", ensure the right to seek asylum for all foreign children in French territory and take care of them according to the provisions of national, European and other worldwide laws. For migrants, however, the Italian town of Ventimiglia is a place to escape from, only to face rough, often illegal, treatment by French police nearby.

"We believe an axis of the willing is needed to fight illegal migration", he said.

Still at sea were 41 migrants rescued Tuesday by the U.S. Navy vessel Trenton, which was in the Mediterranean for what the U.S. 6th Fleet said was a routine operation.

On Wednesday, she said discussions between Italy, Germany and Austria were about finding "a Europe-wide solution".

Rome's clash with Paris centres on the charity ship Aquarius, which both Italy and Malta refused to let dock at their ports. In a statement, the sixth fleet said the US ship, the Trenton, was "coordinating" with authorities.

Macron called Conte on Thursday, a source in the prime minister's office said, without elaborating.

In his speech, Francis lamented how many people in the world are excluded from work because of war or environmental degradation and said that those living comfortable lives should seek to help them.

Conte and Macron are due to hold talks on Friday ahead of a European summit.

Italy summoned France's envoy and angrily rejected French criticism of its immigration policies on Wednesday, escalating a diplomatic standoff between the neighbouring European powers.

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