Dead rattlesnake's severed head bites Texas man and almost kills him

by Abel Hampton June 10, 2018, 2:09
Dead rattlesnake's severed head bites Texas man and almost kills him

A TEXAS man is recovering in hospital after being bitten by the decapitated head of a 4ft rattlesnake.

Jennifer said she hopes what happened to her husband can serve as a cautionary tale and people will know not to assume a snake is dead just because it appears to be.

Since the snake's body was severed, the head released all of the poisonous venom.

Sutcliffe, who called 911, was trying to drive her husband to the hospital, but his condition was so serious authorities had to fly him in for care.

Mr. Sutcliffe started suffering from seizures, loss of vision and internal bleeding because the snake's venom was very powerful and it had coursed through the bloodstream as per the reports.

The average person when bitten gets two to four doses of anti-venom, Sutcliffe received twenty-six doses of anti-venom. His condition is, however, now much stable than before.

As it turns out, chopping a snake in half with a shovel doesn't always do the job right away. Jennifer Sutcliffe told KIII-TV in Corpus Christi that her husband found a four-foot rattlesnake, took his shovel and hacked off its head.

In fact, there have been previous [to 2014] reports, including in the US, of people being bitten by the severed heads of snakes. She said the first 24 hours were the worst. However, according to National Geographic, snakes are capable of biting you, even after death.

Of the 10,000 people bitten by snakes every year in the United States, between five and seven die, Penning said.

Victims should avoid washing the wound, as the venom can help medical staff to identify the type of snake to ensure the correct anti-venom is administered.

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