Yanny or Laurel: It Sounds a Lot Like the Dress

by Wade Massey May 17, 2018, 1:18
Yanny or Laurel: It Sounds a Lot Like the Dress

Do you hear what I hear? An expert says your answer could depend on your level of hearing loss.

The video contained a short audio clip of an unusual computerised voice saying a name.

That clip was then shared across social media like wildfire, creating heated debates between those who think it's "Laurel" and those who think it's "Yanny'".

To settle this latest online debacle we consulted CBC master audio technician J.S. Villeneuve, who took the sound apart to show that it's really about the different frequencies people hear.

One staffer, switching his vote at the last minute, said "the world is insane, chaos reigns, the falcon does not return to the falconer".

One sound clip is reportedly tearing the internet apart based exclusively on fighting surrounding whether, when played, the listener hears "Laurel" or "Yanny".

But he said it was also more hard to determine the word in this particular recording because it is "not real speech".

And just like that, the internet broke in two.

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