Netanyahu Hosted Japan's PM for Dinner. The Dessert Stunned

by Abel Hampton May 10, 2018, 11:09
Netanyahu Hosted Japan's PM for Dinner. The Dessert Stunned

A formal dinner at the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has come in for criticism - because guests were served chocolate desserts in shoe-shaped bowls. Not only do they not wear shoes at home, you also won't find shoes in their offices.

A huge online backlash followed when Abe and his wife were presented a dessert in a shoe. Even the prime minister, ministers, and members of Parliament, host in their bureaus without shoes. "What precisely was this illustrious chef Segev thinking?" the diplomat asked.

While few cultures would appreciate having an actual shoe on the table, this goes double for Japanese etiquette, where street footwear is not permitted inside at all.

The gourmet dessert served in a shoe was dished up by Israeli celebrity chef Segev Moshe, who cooks for the Netanyahus when they are entertaining visiting dignitaries. The dessert itself was a delicious selection of chocolate pralines, served in two pairs of men's black brogues.

Observers were quick to point out, however, one big problem with Moshe's display of confections, as explained by an anonymous senior Israeli official who has served in Japan to the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, via the Jerusalem Post: "There is nothing more despised in Japanese culture than shoes".

On Monday evening, may 7, the office of the head of government sent the media a comment about the unfortunate incident that occurred during the reception of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in Jerusalem. "This is disrespect of the first order". "He is very creative", the ministry said in a statement. "If it was humor, we don't think it is amusing; we were offended on behalf of our prime minister". "The desert was served inside a sculpture by the global artist Tom Dixon that's on display in the world's most important museums.This was an object of art made of a metal cast in the shape of a shoe, and not a real shoe, of course. I can tell you that we are offended for our prime minister", the diplomat said.

Some of Segev's Instagram's followers weren't supportive of the chef's recent art. While some praised the chef's creativity, others said it was humiliating to see that desserts were served in shoes because shoes are not worn inside homes in Japan.

When President Trump visited Israel, Moshe ready his dessert as effectively.

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