Google Just Fixed the Biggest Maps Problem with This Brilliant Idea

by Edgar Hayes May 9, 2018, 1:15
Google Just Fixed the Biggest Maps Problem with This Brilliant Idea

At Google I/O, they've outlined the next new features for Google Maps making them smarter and more detailed. Since launch, Google has mapped over 220 countries and territories and is helping more than 1 billion Maps users.

Google Maps, like Google News, is also gaining a new "For You" feature where you'll find recommendations based on your past travel. First is "For You", which will automatically show you information about places in the areas that are important to you, things such as new businesses, restaurants that are trending, or recommendations of things to do that match your preferences.

When you tap on any food or drink venue you will get a number that suggests how likely you are to enjoy the place - this is called your "match".

Google Maps is a massively transormative technology that has changed our way of navigating the world.

In Maps, Google will begin adding in the "For You" tab to the Maps UI.

The new "For you" tab offers a customised view of trending places in areas that you choose to view. Google has thought of this and has added in Group Planning tools.

It will also be easier to create and share lists in Maps, so you can come up with some ideas and share them with friends and family and - assuming the group has similar or comparable tastes - vote on what to do and where to go.

Instead of relying on an unclear blue dot while walking around a cluttered city, Google suggests this camera-fueled augmented reality interface may one day save the day. The app which is actually meant for giving directions to its users, now, has an added responsibility to assist them in discovering the needed places like restaurants, malls, theatres etc.

Google is also utilising VPS to take visual cues such as landmarks and features seen by the camera to improve navigation. Google News will be available in 127 countries on both Android and iOS, starting today, with a global roll-out planned for sometime later this week.

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