Biggest announcements at Google I/O 2018

by Edgar Hayes May 12, 2018, 7:32
Biggest announcements at Google I/O 2018

As unveiled at the annual conference of Google, now its virtual assistant can make calls to plan appointments such as restaurant reservations. "For such tasks, the system makes the conversational experience as natural as possible, allowing people to speak normally, like they would to another person, without having to adapt to a machine". Starting today, you can choose from six new voices for your Google Assistant. So you may tap on a link and be thrown into Assistant with the query already populated and sent to Google. The Duplex AI engages Google Assistant, which is a direct answer to Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri digital assistants.

LG Electronics is introducing Google Assistant on its 2018 AI TV line-up, which will deliver cutting-edge AI features operated directly through the TV's remote control with no additional hardware required.

Beginning this year, LG and Google began collaborating to develop a wide range of features and are working on expanding consumer accessibility in multiple languages.

"John Legend's voice will be coming later this year, so that you can get responses like this".

Also, the time is now displayed on the left side if the notch instead of the regular right side placement. David Kleidermacher, Google's head of Android platform security said, "We've also worked on building security patching into our OEM agreements".

One of the most important parts of the Assistant is its voice-it needs to feel both personal and natural. The Android P Public Beta program now offers a download of Android P to at least ten smartphones including Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21UD and X21, and Essential PH-1. Numerous new features center on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help save time. The feature will start rolling out this month. From there on, Google will walk users through the process and they will be testing out Android P in no time. This feature is developed with an aim to make users more present in the meetings and times were checking the phone isn't the best thing to do.

How will they require it, you may ask?

The new shush mode feature in the Android P will help turn off all notifications, buzzes, sounds, and pings if you rest it on its screen.

After critics labeled Google's nearly human-sounding voice AI Duplex as "horrifying", the search giant has announced that the software will identify itself to humans before a conversation begins.

"Say you connect your headphones to your device, Android will surface an action to resume your favourite Spotify playlist", Google explains in a blog post.

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