Ask Siri To 'Define The Word Mother' At Your Own Risk

by Lawrence Cooper May 4, 2018, 10:05
Ask Siri To 'Define The Word Mother' At Your Own Risk

For this to work, you have to specifically ask Siri to "Define the word mother" instead of simply saying "Define mother". "By replying 'Yes", Siri then says 'As a noun, it means 'short for motherfucker".

Ars Technica pointed out that Siri did not say the second definition was vulgar or slang as the voice navigation service does with other words that fit those categories. Tapping on the "more" button after Siri pulls up the definition revealed "short for "motherf***er" which is in fact listed in plain text in its response. Australian iPhone users reported a similar response. However, the Siri prompts the user if she could give another definition of "mother".

That being said, getting Siri to swear has turned out to be a sport for iOS users and while many have reached a dead end, a couple of users managed to do the same by just asking the definition of "Mother", which is one of the most common words we use every day. That query has since been fixed, but the issue still remains when it's asked to "define the word mother".

It's worth mentioning that Siri's insensitive response isn't Apple's fault entirely.

Ironically, if you curse at Siri, she'll call you out on it and make you feel bad about yourself. This is a wide range of statistics, but even at the low end, that's a pretty high number considering the numerous requests that Siri deals with in any one day.

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