Sri Reddy denied MAA membership, actors working with her to be suspended

by Abel Hampton April 10, 2018, 4:12
Sri Reddy denied MAA membership, actors working with her to be suspended

Sri Reddy said her protest was also against the Movie Artists Association (MAA) for denying her membership despite having acted in three films.

Rejecting her charges, the office-bearers said several Telugu actresses had over the years got adequate opportunities in their film career.

The actress who has been making sensational allegations said she would not budge till she was given a solution to the problem but when nobody paid attention, she stripped and sat down in front of the gate on the road bare-chested. "I'm okay with not signing a film if I don't get good roles but I don't want to sign films just for the sake of it", Anupama says.

"The reason is simple. "A lot of people are taking the liberty to comment on her character and saying that a girl of 'this sort", 'this type" deserves it. No family will be happy with this.

Sharing her experience with the media, the actress said, "Many times, I was thrown out of films, for not giving the favors in return". She has threatened that she will make it a big issue at the national and global level if her demands are not met. "Our executive committee meets and decides on membership but the way she behaved for protest is not proper and our meeting today chose to not to give her membership card at any cost", MAA committee member, actor Benerjee said. A police officer told reporters that she could register a complaint but a naked protest was not allowed. "The association has all the rights to suspend, as she has insulted both the industry as well as media with her chief publicity gimmick". I am thinking about girls.

VaraLaxmi Sarathkumar - When she met up with a programming head of a leading TV channel, after half an hour of the meeting, he asked when they could meet outside. You have to prostitute, you have to prostitute, you have to prostitute. We have to take photos of our breasts and private parts and send. "Don't we know how you are in person?"

It led to a massive outrage among the celebrities.

Sri Reddy also said that is the issue is not addressed, she will blow up the matter even more. Given the sheer number of people who are employed in the film industry, the fact that there is no CASH is a cause for concern. filmmaker Nandini Reddy, agrees.

Sri Reddy was given the application for association membership and asked not to post or make any allegations which she disobeyed.

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