Air Allegiant's "60 minutes" report released after seven months

by Frankie Norman April 17, 2018, 13:51
Air Allegiant's

Allegiant Airlines is under fire following a news report that is raising serious safety questions about the low-priced carrier.

Some of the biggest issues that impacted the budget carrier and its passengers included aborted take-offs, flight control malfunctions, mid-air engine failures, rapid descents, smoke in the cabin and more. Between Jan. 2016 and October 2017, there were 60 unscheduled landings and 46 in-flight emergencies including an explosive engine incident last July. Despite the "60 Minutes" expose, passengers we spoke with weren't concerned. "And there was smoke in the cabin and fire coming out of that engine".

"Very minors things like a light not working or something that needs to be fixed before they're allowed to fly. but nothing that I've seen that even if they had taken off would have caused any major issues", said Hastert.

Allegiant airline is responding to allegations it repeatedly violated federal safety rules in recent years.

After that and comparing experiences with other passengers, "I'm saying, 'Yeah, maybe it's time to pay a little more and go with another carrier, ' " he said.

"All we can do is we can encourage Allegiant to do what's right", he said, adding he thinks it will overcome the controversy. "Please start breathing through your shirts", the passenger only identified as Scott told 60 Minutes. Passengers were told to "breathe through their shirts" when oxygen masks did not deploy.

Bill Nelson is calling for an investigation into the FAA for its reported handling of an Allegiant Air's poor safety record. The people, however, through social media have shown their active participation and have given their views too for the Air Allegiant that they won't be travelling in that aircraft.

"CBS produced a one-sided narrative by cherry-picking interviews and ignoring publicly-available facts". This unoriginal and outdated story bears no resemblance to Allegiant's operations today, and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of FAA compliance practice and history.

The airline also questioned Goglia's credibility, claiming he is a "paid expert witness" for a former Allegiant pilot who is now suing the company for wrongful termination. Allegiant thought the evacuation was unnecessary and fired the pilot six weeks later.

The story was a surprise to Bob Whitmer, manager of Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport.

Allegiant is known for low-priced, no-frill flights. Additionally, we expect our team members to follow all company policies and practice strict adherence to FAA regulations and guidelines. But as "60 Minutes" reported, when a near crash happened due to a missing component in 2015, the FAA investigator recommended strong enforcement and maximum fines.

The concerns came to light in a CBS 60 Minutes report broadcast Sunday night. United Airlines was excoriated last year after officers bloodied and dragged a 69-year-old man off a plane to make room for a crew member, yet the incident seemed to have no effect on ticket sales.

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