UK's Labour suspends members active in 'antisemitic' Facebook group

by Abel Hampton March 10, 2018, 0:30
UK's Labour suspends members active in 'antisemitic' Facebook group

Pro-single market campaigners had hoped to use a Brexit debate on Sunday to call for the United Kingdom to remain in the trading bloc.

"Labour are backing the Tories' plans to take Scotland out of the single market against our will".

It said the motions on single market membership were therefore out of date.

Pro-Europe sources within the party branded the move a "democratic outrage".

Labour UK leader Jeremy Corbyn with Scottish leader Richard at the Caird Hall in Dundee.

Jeremy Corbyn has denied he was "mansplaining" in an exchange with Theresa May.

Prominent party figures - including Ian Murray - have urged it to throw its weight behind remaining in the single market, and a debate on the issue is expected on Sunday morning.

Buckle up folks, things are about to get procedural.

According to Collier, Corbyn was a member of the "Palestine Live" group at the time he was elected leader in 2015, and was a prime mover in the group, which hosted people such as Max Blumenthal, a controversial speaker accused of anti-Semitism.

"But the effect of tonight's Scottish executive committee vote is that they now won't be voted upon". One member is shown commenting "am reading Mein Kampf [by Adolf Hitler]...everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked". Fittingly, that was at conference in...

Thierry Monasse via Getty Images 'There is no left-wing case for leaving the single market, ' says Catherine Stihler MEP.

"It will be disappointing if members who support single market membership don't get the opportunity to put that to a vote, but the campaign to protect jobs and defend workers' rights will continue".

Mr Corbyn's spokesman said: 'Jeremy and the Labour Party are implacably opposed to all forms of anti-Semitism and will take whatever necessary action to stamp it out in the party.

He added: "Perhaps the reason it is not is that the days of control freakery in the Labour machine have not actually gone at all".

That decision is likely to be approved by delegates, which would mean the motions would not be debated.

But in extracts released ahead of the speech, he said: "We won six seats for Scottish Labour at the last general election, and we are on the cusp of winning in around 20 more".

"Rather than taking action to help block that looming disaster, they are blindly supporting plans to leave the single market - which the United Kingdom government admits will have a devastating impact on Scotland's economy". Antisemitism in the Labour Party has been an increasingly apparent problem, but this investigation reveals just how deep and entrenched it is within our movement.

And he insisted that the option of a Norway-style agreement after Brexit was something that was "not entirely ruled out" by the party.

Corbyn allegedly stooped to personally comment in threads that include the term "Zio", which even Baroness Chakrabarti's whitewash report into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party condemned as an unacceptable term of abuse.

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