Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Likely to Skip Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor: KGI

by Edgar Hayes March 10, 2018, 0:30
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Likely to Skip Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor: KGI

In a note to investors, Ming-Chi Kuo said, "According to our understanding of the technologies, under-display fingerprint solutions may now have many technical issues (e.g. screen protectors and different environments affecting recognition rates and power-consumption)".

Johnston poured water on the idea that retail orders for Samsung's Galaxy S9 will be 10 to 15 per cent higher than a year ago - he estimated them falling some 50 per cent on 2017's Galaxy S8. It expects it to be a sign of Samsung's goal of tightening its grip on the large-sized smartphone sector, rather than a hint that it'll come with pointy corners and be exclusive to Netflix. Note 9 will copy this feature.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been unveiled, and nearly ready to reach the hands of phone-users everywhere, the rumours have had to switch gears.

Knowing that I have the option of adding extra storage to the Galaxy S9 by purchasing a microSD card, many of which cost less than $100 depending on how much storage you want to add, it eased my worries that I would have to worry about storage on my phone.

He says the feature now suffers from issues with screen protectors and various different environments affecting the success rate of the under-display fingerprint reader. Kuo remains optimistic about the technology, though. Its analysts do not believe that face scanning can replace fingerprint authentication, so a reader is vital for future full-screen designs.

Let's see how Samsung or its partners will work on this technology solution. Additionally, the S9 introduced cool new features such as Dual Aperture and Super Slow-Mo that will no doubt make it to the Note 9 when it launches. The manufacturer may reserve it for their flagship model Galaxy S10 set for launch in the first half of 2019. We're not sure what's happening now but Vivo is already using a similar technology as made possible by Synaptics' Clear ID in-display sensor. This is not the first time Microsoft has done this with Samsung's Galaxy S-series flagships. As we've already seen the S9's fingerprint scanner is on the back, located just beneath the camera.

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