Putin laments collapse of Soviet Union

by Abel Hampton March 6, 2018, 1:19
Putin laments collapse of Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin's State of the Union address on Thursday at the Federal Assembly came ahead of the Russian presidential elections due to take place on March 18.

In his annual address to parliament on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putinunveiled a number of state-of-the-art missiles that can "pierce any defense systems".

"Never. Russia does not extradite its citizens to anyone", Putin told NBC when asked about the possibility of extradition.

He also noted that even when considering the possibility they did not operate on behalf of his government, their extradition is impossible. It is also capable of carrying a 100-megaton nuclear warhead, which Putin said could target coastal targets and warships.

Pentagon's spokeswoman Dana White stressed during a briefing Thursday that American missile defenses aren't trained on Russian Federation and remain focused on rogue nations.

The US is working on a new missile defense policy to counter threats from Russian Federation and China - as opposed to focusing nearly exclusively on rogue regimes like North Korea and Iran, according to a report.

"Russia has no intention of entering an arms race", Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Friday, adding that the weapons presented by the Russian leader aimed to maintain a "strategic parity, which is essential for maintaining peace and stability".

These include nuclear-powered submarines or drones, called uninhabited underwater vehicles (UUV), nuclear-powered missiles and a hypersonic, intercontinental ballistic missile.

She also accused Russian Federation of violating a 1980s missile treaty.

"This has to go through official channels, not through the press or yelling and hollering in the United States Congress", Putin said.

At the State Department, spokeswoman Heather Nauert attacked the CGI video simulation played during Putin speech to demonstrate the new missiles' capabilities.

During his address, Putin said everything Russian Federation is doing to strengthen its defences is within existing arms control agreements.

Russia's thousands of missiles easily could overwhelm existing USA missile defenses in the event of a full-scale war.

In response to Putin's announcement, White said the USA has been watching Russian Federation and the Pentagon is not surprised.

"It is time for our Western counterparts to accept the new reality".

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