McLaren BP23 will have a higher top speed than the F1

by Edgar Hayes March 10, 2018, 0:28
McLaren BP23 will have a higher top speed than the F1

The next McLaren Ultimate Series hypercar will be the fastest road vehicle in the British firm's history with a top speed in excess of the 243mph achieved by the firm's legendary F1 road auto. Translation: it will be faster than the original F1, which set a world record with its 243 miles per hour top speed. While the F1 was an out-and-out speed machine, McLaren says the BP23 will be a "hyper GT", meaning it'll be more comfortable and spacious. Additionally, he said the hypercar will make its debut this year. It will feature a three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position - the same layout as the F1.

McLaren has managed to keep most of the details under wraps, since we still don't know what it will actually be called and how much power the hybrid powertrain generates. Electric motors will send the engine's output past the P1's already outrageous specs.

McLaren chief executive Mike Flewitt announced at the Geneva Motor Show that a public reveal of the still-unnamed auto can be expected this year.

Codenamed McLaren BP23, the firm's next "Ultimate Series" model, is capable of exceeding the 243mph peak speed of the iconic F1. Production will begin in late 2019 and the BP23 name will likely change before production.

With a price tag of £1.6 million, the entire limited production run of just 106 models was allocated before the auto was officially announced in November 2016.

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