How-To: Install the Android P Pixel Launcher on Android 8.0+ Devices

by Lawrence Cooper March 8, 2018, 1:26
How-To: Install the Android P Pixel Launcher on Android 8.0+ Devices

Google Lens is a feature that will allow more and more users to embrace their smartphones as discovery and learning tools. Subsequently, the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL became the first smartphones to feature Google Lens.

Google hasn't specified when Lens will make it to iOS, but it is reportedly "coming soon". Today, Google Lens is escaping the clutches of the Pixel brand and expanding to all Android devices through the Google Photos app. However, it is not clear when the Google Assistant on other Android phones will support the Lens feature.

The feature is now rolling out to Android users (and iOS users later on) and can be found in the Photos app.

So, this is how you can use Google Lens to identify objects on your Android Phone. That technology will let your device get your specific location based on information gathered from Wi-Fi hotspots.

Will Lens work for your Android device? It also said that, starting in November 2018, all apps sent through to the Google Play Store will need to target Android Oreo or newer, and, by next year, they will need to support 64-bit hardware. This means that any Android user with the latest version of Google Photos app installed will be able to use Lens to identify their environment or scan business cards, among other things.

Google Lens now stays exclusive to Android. To use it, you have to first take a picture of anything and pull it up in Google Photos. This will include the ability to access functions like smart replies or attach photo and stickers through the notification interface instead of opening the messaging app. You should see an overlay on your photos indicating that it's available for the Lens treatment.

There's been a number of things discussed on this thread, and we have a quick update specific to the proximity sensor issues that some of you have been reporting.

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