France's Sarkozy Set to Face Trial for Corruption, Misuse of Influence

by Abel Hampton March 30, 2018, 1:18
France's Sarkozy Set to Face Trial for Corruption, Misuse of Influence

Mr Sarkozy's team says he will appeal against the decision.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy will face trial for corruption and influence peddling, Le Monde newspaper reported on Thursday.

Sarkozy has faced multiple corruption investigations since leaving office in 2012. A judged ordered him and 13 others to trial past year to face charges of illegal financing of his 2012 presidential campaign.

The allegations of Libyan money financing his campaign never surfaced during Sarkozy's presidency.

The ex-president will stand trial along with his lawyer and friend Thierry Herzog and former judge Gilbert Azibert, whom Sarkozy allegedly offered a high-ranking role in Monaco in exchange for information on the funding case.

Thursday's announcement marks the second time so far in which Sarkozy has been sent to trial.

Sarkozy has already been ordered to stand trial in a separate matter concerning financing of his failed re-election campaign in 2012, when he was defeated by Francois Hollande.

The latest development comes only days after an investigation was launched into claims Sarkozy accepted illegal financial donations from late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi for his successful presidential campaign 11 years ago.

The case is known in France as the Bygmalion affair, after the name of the firm that allegedly provided false invoices to Mr Sarkozy's party rather than the campaign.

The Gadhafi investigation, meanwhile, is ongoing.

Sarkozy's predecessor, Jacques Chirac, was convicted in 2011, after his retirement, of misusing public funds to keep political allies in phantom jobs.

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