Few details emerging about Austin bombing suspect

by Abel Hampton March 26, 2018, 0:35
Few details emerging about Austin bombing suspect

Both their packages were not delivered by commercial carriers, police said. "We saw this situation where Austin's finest, Austin's police officers galvanized and worked tirelessly together over the past few weeks to solve one of the most heinous crimes that ever existed in Austin, Texas, and in the process [they were] literally saving lives".

Word of the attacks spread, and so did the panic.

"Ladies and gentlemen, patience is going to have to work for us here", Pflugerville's police chief said. "It's appropriate for residents to be concerned".

The local, state and federal agents hunting the bomber wondered if he had struck again.

Unlike the previous blasts, it was not a package outside a home.

The tripwire indicated the attacker was more sophisticated than previously believed. Back then Sjheriff Lincoln was coming out of his first year as sheriff, when his deputies responded to a bomb threat.

The fifth explosion happened on Tuesday, March 20 in Schertz at a FedEx sorting facility. Conditt also promised he would go inside a crowded McDonald's and blow himself up if he thought authorities were closing in on him.

On the same day, another FedEx facility near the city's airport alerted police about a suspicious package, which was later confirmed to have contained an explosive device.

In a 2012 online blog that the college spokeswoman said Conditt created as part of a US government class project, he gives his opinion on several issues, often in response to someone else's commentary.

The 23-year-old white, male bomber left packages on the porches of homes in historically African-American and Mexican-American neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. With the help of receipts from area stores, witness sketches and surveillance video, the investigative pieces started falling into place.

Mark Anthony Conditt also called himself a "psychopath" in the 25-minute long recorded confession. There, they spotted his vehicle.

Finding paramedics at his door could have been the reason Conditt drove to Round Rock and appeared to be taking steps that signaled he knew the police were on his trail. The vehicle later stopped in a ditch as a SWAT team cautiously approached.

Using what he described as a "tactical vehicle maneuver", the SWAT team managed to cautiously push Conditt's vehicle onto the edge of a service road just off Interstate 35.

The recording was done hours before he detonated an explosive device in his SUV, according to the police.

Conditt died inside the vehicle. It's unclear whether he died as a result of injuries from the explosion or the gunfire.

NAACP Austin President Nelson Linder said the manhunt's end was a relief but that the public needs answers on what motivated Conditt, including whether the first two victims were targeted because they are from prominent black families.

Austin police spokeswoman Anna Sabana said neither roommate has been charged.

"It is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his life that led him to this point", the police chief said Wednesday night. That's not only the common sense understanding of terrorism but I'd argue fulfills the definition of terrorism under the federal law since Conditt clearly used his bombings to "intimidate or coerce a civilian population".

Manley told reporters that authorities believe the recording was made between nine and 11 p.m. Tuesday night and "there was no reason given for why he selected" the affected individuals.

In the video, he described making seven bombs - including the one that killed him.

Investigators are also trying to determine how Conditt, described as an unemployed young man who had not completed college, learned to make the bombs that police said had a degree of sophistication in their construction.

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