China Talks Future Changes to Presidential Term

by Abel Hampton March 4, 2018, 3:54
China Talks Future Changes to Presidential Term

Thus, China's censors were able to thwart any criticism of Xi by banning any disagreement with his "n" terms as president and the like.

Wang Qishan, a close Xi ally and former top graft-buster who stepped down previous year from the Standing Committee, the Communist Party's ruling inner core, is widely expected to assume the post, with a focus on handling relations with the United States.

The National People's Congress is expected to choose a new vice president, vice premiers and key Cabinet ministers. The NPC begins its annual session on Monday. This means Xi - who did not name a successor during the once-in-five years party Congress in October - will continue after completing his second term.

As China is in the painful process of transforming its economy, there are plenty of chances for things to go terribly wrong, he said. One of the posts that was censored by Weibo's parent company, Sina, said in a comment we've translated, "Amendments to the constitution are usually supposed to promote people's freedom and limit public power".

He is the second Chinese journalist to have raised concerns over the move.

Chinese state media have been praising the decision to remove term limits, saying that that they should be removed for the benefit of the country as they work toward challenging America on a global stage.

Party controlled media in China have rejected suggestions that the proposed amendments mean Xi is aiming to become China's next emperor or its leader for life. Like Mao Zedong, Xi has built a strong cult of personality around him and has strived to present himself as an ordinary 'man of the people'. Alluding to the chaotic Maoist era, its editorial said that repression may rise in the short run but in the long run, "personalised leadership" may not ensure stability.

China has been infuriated over the bill, telling Taiwan on Friday it would only get burnt if it sought to rely on foreigners, adding to the warnings from state media about the risk of war. Here's everything you need to know about who China's leader is and what else the country's government has banned.

The government has also blocked Winnie the Pooh images, as critics of Xi have used it to mock him since his ascendance to power in 2013. By comparison, Deng was 85 when he fully retired in early 1990, Wang said.

Consequently, however, to do so President Xi Jinping plans to restructure the party thus to make the Chinese Communist Party a more orderly and effective entity. Even though Mr. Xi would have given up the presidency in several years time, under the prevailing rules he could have maintained control of the party and the military long past 2023.

"Another worry is that as he takes the credit for all progress, he will likewise have to take blame for everything that goes wrong, which could put excessive pressure on policymaking", he said. Since 1992, the president has also held the position of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

After rounds of selection and consideration, the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and its Standing Committee have discussed and raised the lists of proposed State leaders and leaders of the CPPCC, and the lists have been reviewed at the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, Xi said.

Reform will improve the adjustment of Party and government institutions, and the people's congress, political advisory body and judicial authorities will be further reformed, Xi said.

Such an institutionalized rule was followed by Jiang Zemin and especially Hu Jintao, Xi's two immediate predecessors.

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