5 key takeaways from Stormy Daniels' interview on '60 Minutes'

by Abel Hampton March 27, 2018, 1:42
5 key takeaways from Stormy Daniels' interview on '60 Minutes'

The Stormy Daniels interview produced the highest ratings for "60 Minutes" since 2008, delivering roughly 22 million viewers on Sunday night, according to preliminary numbers provided by Nielsen Media Research.

Following adult-film actor Stormy Daniels' widely watched "60 Minutes" interview about her alleged affair with US President Donald Trump, the White House is denying that any of her claims - including that she was threatened into silence - were accurate.

Some critics reacted to the Daniels interview by saying it didn't break a lot of new ground. Running for president, Mr. Trump jiu-jitsued facts that would have ended other candidacies into selling points.

Daniels said she was shaken by the experience but never told police out of fear.

"You should ask some of the other people in my career when they've bet on me bluffing", Avenatti said.

Cohen said he paid Daniels $130,000 of his own money during the 2016 presidential campaign, but has not explained why or if Trump was aware of the payment.

Daniels said that before they had sex Trump had broached the idea of her being a contestant on "The Apprentice", and she likened it to a "business opportunity".

"I was concerned for my family and their safety", she said. Although she spoke to the tabloid magazine in 2011, In Touch did not publish that interview until this January. And a guy walked up on me and said to me, "Leave Trump alone".

Daniels said she was not telling the truth when she denied the affair with Trump but is telling the truth now.

While President Trump stayed silent about the subject, Daniels' name was the No. 1 trending topic in the USA on Twitter on Sunday evening - and stayed at the top of the list for several hours after the broadcast. Her tour, after all, is called "Make American Horny Again".

"Yes, I'm getting more job offers now, but tell me one person who would turn down a job offer making more than they've been making, doing the same thing that they've always done", she said.

During her "60 Minutes" appearance, Daniels said she felt "intimidated" and "bullied" when she signed statements denying the affair.

"I was in a parking lot, going to a fitness class with my infant daughter", Daniels said. "It'd be a shame if something happened to her mom". Her lawyer argues the agreement is invalid because Trump never signed it.

While Stormy coming forward was bad enough, Melania's nightmare grew worse last week when former Playboy model Karen McDougal claimed she had a 10-month long affair with Donald before his presidency.

"It was like talking to an entirely different person, conversation opened up and we asked each questions", Daniels said.

However, Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti told "60 Minutes" he has documents showing Cohen using his Trump Organization email address in setting up the payment and that the nondisclosure agreement was sent by FedEx to Cohen at his Trump Organization office in Trump Tower.

As for Daniels' comments on the matter, she told Cooper last night that she was not physically attracted to Trump at all and did not want to have a physical relationship with him, but also asserted she is "not a victim".

While Daniels information may have caught public attention, a cover-up payment could spell legal trouble for the president and his law team, experts say.

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