The most memorable 2018 Super Bowl ads

by Frankie Norman February 7, 2018, 0:49
The most memorable 2018 Super Bowl ads

The Echo then compares live commands to the acoustic fingerprint of the snippet to determine if the commands are authentic or not.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google are battling to have their digital assistants - along with the required devices like smart speakers - front and center in consumers' homes. So no need to unplug your Echo speaker if you don't want to be disturbed by it waking up unnecessarily.

Amazon's Alexa may have lost her voice, but her star-studded Super Bowl ad won her a spot among the best commercials of the night.

"The trick is to suppress the unintentional waking of a device while not incorrectly rejecting the millions of people engaging with Alexa every day", said Shiv Vitaladevuni, a senior manager on the Alexa Machine Learning team, in an Amazon blog post.

The technology used here is acoustic fingerprint technology that can tell the difference between the ad and an actual customer voice.

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But Amazon can also react "on-the-fly" to events where the word "Alexa" is broadcast unexpectedly - like a TV sketch. Sindhwani explains that an algorithm in the Amazon cloud picks up the matching audio from various devices, and prevents additional devices from responding.

Of course, the dynamic fingerprinting can not fight all the incoming trigger words, so it will work on 80-90% devices.

Around a year ago, a Reddit user called Asphyhackr investigated Amazon's Alexa software, and discovered that Alexa ads were transmitting weaker levels of sound between the frequencies of 3,000Hz and 6,000Hz. "It's a very positive surprise for us". In some of those recordings, those frequencies appeared to be non-existent.

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