Oklahoma lawmakers aboard train involved in deadly Virginia crash

by Abel Hampton February 3, 2018, 7:32
Oklahoma lawmakers aboard train involved in deadly Virginia crash

Madeline Curott, Albemarle County police spokeswoman, said authorities had received a call "about a fast train hitting a truck". "If we find anything that indicates that this was intentional, we will turn that over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation", he said. The train crashed near a steep embankment in a hilly area in Crozet, and if it had derailed more, Burgess said it would have been a "much more significant accident". "When the train came to an abrupt stop, I figured we had hit something big", Yoho told the Times-Union.

Rep. Neal Dunn, R-Fla., echoed that sentiment, saying it didn't take long to figure out something was wrong. "You will be missed by many, Chris", the page read. Video from the scene showed the battered truck afterward, with trash strewn around it. "Laina and I are ok, I am helping those that are injured, I will have Laina keep you updated as I know more", he said.

Fortunately, there are quite a few congressmen who are also doctors, including Dunn. There were up to 10 medically-trained lawmakers headed to the conference.

Investigators determined the train's engineer used the emergency brake before hitting the truck.

"He was breathing but he was full of blood", Wenstrup said of the man in an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Westerman praised the heroic efforts of his fellow lawmakers. "We are grateful for the first responders who rushed to the scene and we pray for the victims and their families".

Layne says he has seen the arms stay down for hours.

"We appear to have hit a garbage truck", said Sen. Senator Jeff Flake said "I thought after that time I never want to experience a day like this again, and unfortunately it came too soon". Six other people were injured, one of whom is in critical condition.

"One is dead. One I am told is being transported but has minor injuries". The driver of the truck was killed, and it's very sad to see that."The President is scheduled to speak at the Republican retreat on Thursday".

However, it was later revealed that Minnesota Republican Jason Lewis had been taken to hospital with a concussion.

Lawmakers were uncertain why the garbage truck was in the locomotive's path.

Cole told the AP the train stopped quickly after impact.

As ABC News was talking to Westerman, a first responder was walking through the vehicle where he was still sitting, asking: "Is everybody OK?"

"A bunch of us ran to the doors and managed to get out and get back down on the track and started to give first aid to the injured men in the truck", said Dunn. The program will include a prayer for those affected by the crash, as well as a security briefing.

Although the exact cause of the accident isn't known, there's no evidence to support claims being made by notoriously unreliable web sites that there was any foul play, let alone a massive Deep State conspiracy to harm Republican legislators.

"It was really frustrating to not be able to do anything for this man who died". According to an Amtrak statement, 2 of its crewmembers and 3 passengers were among those that were injured.

The GOP later resumed its schedule.

President Trump and Vice President Pence both offered their condolences to those involved in the accident.

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