Jeremy Corbyn tells MPs to back opt-out organ donation bill

by Abel Hampton February 25, 2018, 1:45
Jeremy Corbyn tells MPs to back opt-out organ donation bill

The government has backed plans for the new system which will mean people have to opt out of being organ donors.

Mr Robinson said his Bill would not "make an immediate difference tomorrow" but hoped in the coming years it would increase the availability of organs.

Jeremy Corbyn has urged MPs to back a change in the law on organ donation that would regard people as giving their consent unless they actively opt out.

Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price confirmed the Government will support legislation that will mean people will have to opt out of being organ donors.

He said: "On the present waiting list of some 6,500. some 500 are, in effect, on a life sentence and will, without an organ becoming available, die over the next year".

Mr Corbyn said: "It's wonderful he's got this this Bill introduced and I hope today the House can pass it and thus save an bad lot of people's lives in the future".

She said: "We are supporting this Bill, we are determined to ensure that we secure more organs available for transplant, because we are very concerned that we are losing lives unnecessarily".

MPs are debating changing the rules on consent so people would expressly have to "opt out" if they did not want their organs used after their death.

Mrs Harrison said: "Between 2016 to 2018 there were 1,169 deceased organ donors and 3,293 transplants in England which is the highest ever rate of organ donation".

Doctor leaders said news that the life-saving scheme had moved "one step closer to becoming law" in England was "excellent news".

MP Geoffrey Robinson, who has introduced the measure in the British parliament, said the measure would give many people a second chance at life. "We need more people on Organ Donation Register so that everyone whose life could be saved by organ transplant can have the gift of life".

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