Father attempts to attack Nassar during victim testimonies

by Wade Massey February 4, 2018, 2:04
Father attempts to attack Nassar during victim testimonies

Randall Margraves, the father of three girls who were all allegedly abused by Larry Nassar, attempted to attack the disgraced doctor during a sentencing hearing on Friday, February 2.

Before he moved toward Nassar, the man asked the judge for personal time alone with the "demon". "Give me one minute with that bast--". "That's not how our legal system...." she began, but was unable to finish as the father lunged for Nassar.

The father then lunged at Nassar, who was sitting nearby.

"Let me at him, that son of a bitch!"

Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis asked the gallery to refrain from attempting to assault Nassar again, saying they shouldn't let him have "power over us".

"You have my word I will not be at future proceedings", he said. "No one can behave like this". "Like I want to crawl out of my body and live in someone else's".

On Thursday, the police department in Meridian, Michigan, apologised publicly to one victim for declining to press charges against Nassar in 2004 when she reported that he abused her.

Margraves was escorted out of the courtroom, along with Nassar.

The father of three victims rushed toward Larry Nassar during day two of sentencing in Eaton County, Michigan on Friday morning.

Just seconds before, Margraves' daughters, Lauren and Madison Rae, had given their victim-impact statements in a hearing created to confront Nassar with the damage that he had wrought.

Before he could get to the former doctor, he was subdued by court officers and taken away in handcuffs.

She said she couldn't even fathom the emotions Margraves was going through, and recognized that he reacted in anger and rage.

Margraves later apologized, telling the judge, "I lost control". I've definitely calmed down, I'm embarrassed.

"I'm not here to upstage my daughters, I'm here to help them heal", he told the court. As some in the courtroom laughed, the judge warned Margraves about his language.

Cunningham said she couldn't do that.

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