America Warns About the Expanding nuclear capabilities in Pyongyang

by Abel Hampton February 8, 2018, 9:23
America Warns About the Expanding nuclear capabilities in Pyongyang

North Korea "may now be only months away from the capability to strike the U.S. with nuclear-armed ballistic missiles", he said.

North Korea past year tested the Hwasong-15, a ballistic missile, which experts believe is capable of reaching US mainland, though the country isn't believed to be able to mount a nuclear device on the missile.

The Feb. 4 editorial "An unnecessary nuclear detour" argued against acquiring a new air-launched cruise missile armed with a low-yield nuclear warhead.

Despite state propaganda pictures like this, many North Koreans are starving It is rumoured Kim loves Emmenthal cheese North Korea is a powerhouse in the sport of weightlifting.

But Michael Madden, who runs the analysis blog North Korea Leadership Watch, says Kim started pumping iron after he returned to the Stalinist nation after being privately schooled in Europe.

"The empire of America would go to hell and the short history of the U.S. would end forever the moment he destroys even a single blade of grass on this land", the commentary added. As well, "Japan will follow suit", he said.

Pugwash draws its inspiration from the Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955, which urged leaders of the world to "think in a new way": to renounce nuclear weapons, to "remember their humanity" and to find peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them.

It turned out that North Korea's first two ICBM launches were carried out by KN-17 missiles paired up with a second stage, a development that caught US officials by surprise.

More to the point, why is the administration not pursuing serious discussions with Russian Federation and China over nuclear arms limitations and reductions, confidence-building measures, and means to prevent accidental or inadvertent use and proliferation at a time when each of these states is modernizing its respective nuclear system?

Last April, Kim marked the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, with a huge procession that, among other things, featured an eight-wheeled launch vehicle bigger than anything seen on the parade route before, along with missile canisters large enough to carry two-stage intercontinental ballistic missiles - the kind with the range to hit the continental United States. Pyongyang has responded by terming the sanctions as an act of war.

North Korea followed up July 28th with another ICBM test, this time reaching a height of 2,300 miles, which on the right trajectory could possibly have reached Washington D.C., 6,800 miles away. "We can only delay the explosion, hoping that by delaying it, a time will come to remove the detonator".

The world knows that the relations between North Korea-United are hostile and developed primarily during the Korean War.

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