WWE suspends wrestler over rape allegations

by Wade Massey January 25, 2018, 1:24
WWE suspends wrestler over rape allegations

WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, whose real name is Eric Arndt, faces difficulties to continue amid an announcement that the current cruiserweight champion has been suspended from the action. They ARE NOT good people, ' Sheahan wrote in a tweet.

Prior to releasing Enzo today, WWE initially suspended Enzo yesterday. What exactly will happen with it is yet to be revealed and considering the severity of the accusations made against their now former employee, the title likely isn't the number one priority for WWE in this situation.

"WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault", the company said in a statement posted on its website yesterday about Amore's suspension.

Sheahan, an aspiring actress with a YouTube channel, claims she was raped by Amore in a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona on October 19.

Yesterday, a woman made allegations of a rape committed by Enzo Amore (real name Eric Arndt), which occurred on October 19, public on Twitter.

During the alleged incident, Philomenia claims that designer Tyler Grosso and fashion blogger Layla Shapiro "got me way f*cked up" and left her on a couch, all while "knowing what was about to happen".

Phoenix PD confirmed to PWS that the investigation is still ongoing, pending lab results.

WWE has had to distant itself from a lot of wrestlers that they used to employ.

Amore's Instagram places him in Phoenix on the day of the assault. The L.A. Times reported that Arndt was sacked on Tuesday, one day after WWE announced that he had been suspended.

The shocking developments have put WWE's Royal Rumble plans into chaos just days before the blockbuster.

However in Amore's case, reports state that the WWE moved to terminate his employment because he was, and had been, aware of the investigation, and had withheld the information from WWE officials.

Arndt was the champion of WWE's cruiserweight division, which features wrestlers who weigh 205 pounds or less.

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