Nuclear capable ballistic missile Agni-V test-fired

by Abel Hampton January 20, 2018, 0:28
Nuclear capable ballistic missile Agni-V test-fired

The Agni V is an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of 5,500 to 5,800 km.

The Agni-V intercontinental ballistic missile topped the range of the Agni-IV missile, which reportedly had a range of about 2,500 miles, the Times of India reported, adding that both rockets have ranges that could breach China's borders.

The defense ministry announced in a tweet Thursday that its Agni-V ICBM was launched from Abdul Kalam island, off the coast of the eastern state of Odisha.

The President of India took to Twitter to congratulate the team of scientists behind the launch: "Successful test firing of Agni-V ICBM makes every Indian very proud". All the five missions have been successful, defence sources said. The three-stage Agni-5, an indigenous production and India's most powerful missile as yet, can deliver a nuclear warhead of about 1.5 tonnes.

The Indian National Congress party called India's nuclear missile launch a "the culmination of a multi-decade effort" started by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to shore up the country's arsenal of missiles, the New York Times reported. It has a range of 5,000 km and can reach the northern most parts of China.

It is the latest in the Agni missile series. India has a No First-Use (NFU) doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons, based on credible minimum deterrence, and keeps its nuclear warheads de-mated from the actual missiles.

Expert's said India's test launch was likely meant to send a signal to China, which is increasingly looking to assert control over disputed territory in the South China Sea. There had been tensions between China and India.

All the systems and subsystems of the missile, including the launch system, a navigation system, control systems, rocket motors and re-entry mechanism performed well. India is now a non-signatory of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty along with Pakistan. India has been developing its nuclear and missile systems in recent years amid increasing strategic competition with China.

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