Google Play Store To Add Audiobooks Sometime Soon

by Lawrence Cooper January 23, 2018, 1:32
Google Play Store To Add Audiobooks Sometime Soon

The banner may have been a mistake, but it confirms the previous rumours about upcoming launch of audiobooks in the Play Store. Further reports also indicate that the move is expected to rival Amazon and its long list of retailers in the audiobook market. Whenever that is. Google Play will also have a huge opportunity to capture a large share of the market just seeing how many Android users there are around the globe. With audiobooks coming soon, the Google Play Store will expand its media offerings, which now include apps, TV show, movies, music, and digital books. The upgrade will open the door to a whole new section of the Play Store, loaded with the latest and greatest audiobooks from leading authors.

As per a in 9to5Google, Google has posted a banner ad for audiobooks on the Google Play Store.

However, "at the time of publishing, that link doesn's work and simply 404's, but it seems to be appearing for all users both on the web and within the Google Play app on Android", the report said.

There would be plenty of benefits you would get once the giant introduces a complete dedicated Audiobooks section on the Play Store.

Recent reports have revealed that search engine giant Google has teased the arrival of audiobooks on the Google Play Store.

Currently, there is a collection of audiobooks that can be downloaded through the music library of the Google Play Store.

Amazon now dominates the market, however, with its ownership of Audible, but it appears Google is about to make a big push back. Most of the new e-readers are now come with audiobooks support and for that reason, the giant has chose to offer a separate audiobooks section on the Play Store. Audiobooks and ebooks will be split into separate tabs, according to changes made in the app's code.

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