Britain will be welcome back in European Union after Brexit, says Juncker

by Frankie Norman January 21, 2018, 1:15
Britain will be welcome back in European Union after Brexit, says Juncker

TaoiseachIreland's Varadkar: "The EU is at a decisive point" has told MEPs in Strasbourg plenary of the European Parliament that the bloc is at a decisive point in its future but ready with a renewed appetite to face the challenges of the future, during the premiere of debates between EU heads of state and government ant the MEPs.

Juncker described Brexit as a "catastrophe" and a "lose-lose situation" for Britain and the EU.

LAST WEEK, THE vocal and prominent Brexiteer Nigel Farage suggested that Britain should hold a second referendum on European Union membership - to silence those who do not want to leave.

'In London there was a rather irritated response to this proposal [to stay in the EU], but note that even if the British leave according to Article 50, then Article 49 would allow them to accede agian - and I would be happy to facilitate that'.

"Mr Tusk says our hands remain outstretched. I would like that", he added.

The Prime Minister's refusal to do the same and say she would back Leave could raise questions about how committed she is to delivering Brexit, and how much she really thinks the United Kingdom can flourish outside the bloc.

"And I would like that we treat each other now in a reasonable way and do not try to outmanoeuvre each other".

Speaking on French TV, the Prime Minister reiterated that she would have to "sit down and look carefully" at the evidence - but insisted there isn't going to be another vote. "The Common Travel Area and its associated rights will be maintained", said Varadkar during a debate on the future of Europe.

Mr Lidington, a former Europe minister who campaigned for Remain, told The Daily Telegraph: "I think that the European Union itself is going to change, and I think it is nearly inevitable that the dynamic of the single currency is going to drive at least some of the current members of the European Union towards much closer economic and, to a degree, political integration in the future".

"If the British wish to find a way other than Brexit, we are ready to talk about it", Juncker said, giving hope to anti-Brexit campaigners.

"But I fear that you are all working together with Tony Blair and Nick Clegg (former British prime minister and deputy prime minister respectively) to make sure we get the worst possible deal", Farage said.

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