Alligator Noses Stick Out Above Frozen Water During the Winter

by Abel Hampton January 10, 2018, 0:35
Alligator Noses Stick Out Above Frozen Water During the Winter

The video shows several alligators in the slushy, icy water with their nostrils in the air at the Ocean Isle Beach park. When they feel that water is freezing, they move their nose out of the water and go into hibernation and try to preserve body temperature until the snow melts.

Footage shared the the Shallotte River Swamp Park's Facebook page showed a handful of the cold-blooded reptiles breathing through the gaps created by their snouts in a pond frozen by a brutal cold spell that gripped the USA last week.

"Just hanging out in the water there".

After the frost encloses them completely, except for their yappers, the alligators would slow down their metabolisms to conserve heat and energy. The video shows one alligator completely frozen in place with their snout poking out of the ice so they can breathe, thus allowing them to keep their bodies under water and not have to get out into the cold surface. "They nearly look like cypress knees a little bit from afar".

And, when the weather warmed up, the alligators went right back to sunbathing to increase their internal body temperatures. "And it made sense immediately why they were doing it". "But just to be careful, I researched it very quickly to make sure that was OK because I have never seen that before", he said.

According to Howard, this is completely normal as a survival mechanism for alligators. He said he posted the videos because it's a great learning experience for the public.

All of the alligators in the park have been rescued from captivity and therefore can not go back to the wild.

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