The First 5G Specification Has Been Approved

by Frankie Norman December 24, 2017, 0:48
The First 5G Specification Has Been Approved

3GPP, the working group that is developing the 5G standard for next-gen wireless communication, has ratified the first 5G specifications at a meeting in Portugal. A few moments later, Sprint published a Press release announcing how they are going to bring 5G to the world.

Sprint hopes to deploy wide-scale 5G in late 2019 and touted the largest block of under-6 GHz spectrum in the USA, while T-Mobile is aiming to roll out 5G across the country in 2020.

The meeting also hints that NSA 5G (Non-Standalone) will be the wireless standard's initial form when it will be firstly launched in 2019. The approval of the first 5G NR standard under 3GPP Release 15 signals full-scale trials and commercial deployments as early as 2019. The second-largest telecom company in the United States has been running small trials of its 5G network in Austin over the course of 2017.

5G worldwide standardization is expected to be completed by 2019. Qualcomm has already announced support for the new standard and has plans to immediately begin development of future 5G products. At the aforementioned Qualcomm event, the company talked about how 5G would change our lives, essentially removing the speed roadblock that prevent so many of us from getting things done while on-the-go. The detailed requirements of 5G networks will give a hard task for all companies what they need to build to get intact with the upcoming 5G network.

The quest to make 5G a reality has just taken a very important step forward.

The details of 5G network specifications suggest that it will go to cover a broad range of the spectrum, ranging from 600 and 700 MHz bands to the millimeter wave portion of the spectrum at 50 GHz.

The industry agreed earlier this year to accelerate the timeline so that at least part of the 5G standards work would be complete by the end of this year rather than having it all come due next summer. "KT has actively participated in the standardization of 3GPP 5G through the submission of hundreds of exclusive technical contributions and hundreds of joint contributions".

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