Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's official engagement pictures

by Wade Massey December 25, 2017, 5:09
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's official engagement pictures

Following the Royal traditions, Prince Harry and American actor Meghan Markle released a set of official engagement photos Thursday.

The release of the official photos comes hours after the couple attended the Queen's annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace.

"Blackamoor" art has been widely classified as being racially insensitive and controversial. The brooch worn by the princess featured a black figure donning a gold headdress and robe.

The brooch is an 18th Century antique depicting a dark-skinned man wearing a turban, and many believe it to symbolize racial conquest.

So Princess Michael's decision to wear this brooch seems iffy at best - and people are calling her the hell out for it.

Nicky Bursic  Instagram
Nicky Bursic Instagram

This isn't the first time Princess Michael has been accused of racist behavior. She later defended the egregious statement by saying that she didn't realize the term "colonies" was offensive in America and that she, even more perplexingly, "pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African" revealing that "because of my light eyes I did not get away with it, but I dyed my hair black". She went on to say she once traveled in Africa, commenting, "I had this adventure with these absolutely adorable, special people and to call me racist: It's a knife through the heart because I really love these people".

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) speaks with Britain's Princess Michael of Kent during a reception at the Guildhall in London, June 25, 2003.

One overwhelmed follower added: "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give me hope for our planet".

The 33-year-old royal asked the former "Suits" actress to be his wife last month, and ahead of the couple's much-anticipated wedding at Windsor Castle in May next year, the pair carried out a photoshoot with fashion photographer Alex Lubomirski at Frogmore House in the town in Berkshire, England.

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