Meghan Markle is Google's most searched woman in the world

by Lawrence Cooper December 16, 2017, 5:54
Meghan Markle is Google's most searched woman in the world

The trends cover the top search queries across categories ranging from "How to", what is, top searched actors, elections and more.

Dumi Masilela's wife Simphiwe Ngema singing at her husband's memorial in Johannesburg.

According to the tech news world, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X ranked No. 2 and No. 3 respectively in overall searches on Google this year.

Hurricane Irma, Matt Lauer and the late singer Tom Petty were the top three lookups that caused the most traffic spikes in the USA this year, according to Google's annual list of the top trending searches for 2017. Sundar Pichai summarizes that in 2017 people "searched "How" more than ever before". Hurricane Irma beat out iPhone 8 and fidget spinners as the top trending search globally, while in the United States the Yankees were the most-searched sports team of the year. The storm killed dozens of people. The No. 1 searched person was a man accused of sexual harassment.

And surprisingly, the making of slime was the most searched for How to. question.

Topping that list were: Hurricane Irma, Matt Lauer, Tom Petty, Super Bowl and Las Vegas shooting.

Aside from Bitcoin, Google's search trends tell a tale of political tumult and royal romance.

The website's most searched people included Lauer, Meghan Markle and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Top global searches includes a natural disaster, the latest phones, celebrities, TV shows, and more.

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