Julian Assange's Twitter account is back, but the mystery remains

by Abel Hampton December 26, 2017, 0:26
Julian Assange's Twitter account is back, but the mystery remains

The tweet was later deleted and the Navy later apologized for the mistake.

With little fanfare and zero explanation, Julian Assange's Twitter account reappeared on Monday morning.

It wasn't clear whether the account was suspended or deleted by Twitter or Assange himself - or why or for how long.

According to the Wayback Machine internet archive, Assange's most recent tweet is from Friday. "Despite some oddities from the US Navy and Twitter today and increased physical surveillance @JulianAssange's physical situation at the embassy remains unaltered-confined without charge in violation of two United Nations rulings requiring the UK to set him free", the statement read.

While the account was offline, anyone who tried to reach Assange's page received an error message from Twitter.

The chances of Twitter suspending Assange's account are unlikely as the 46-year-old does not fall under the category of individuals whose account the social media site would deactivate. Assange was charged with rape in 2012, following which he took assylum in Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012.

The WikiLeaks founder has tweeted two times since his account came back online, though neither one addresses the reason for the disappearance.

"This morning, an inadvertent keystroke by an authorized user of the U.S. Navy Office of Information's Digital Media engagement team caused the trending term "Julian Assange" to be tweeted from the Navy's official Twitter account", they wrote.

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