Israel deports two Turks detained in Jerusalem

by Abel Hampton December 26, 2017, 0:24
Israel deports two Turks detained in Jerusalem

Guatemala's announcement on Sunday came after two-thirds of United Nations member states approved a motion rejecting US President Donald Trump's controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

In a post on his official Facebook account Sunday, Morales said that after talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he chose to instruct Guatemala's foreign ministry to move the embassy.

"I have given instructions to the foreign ministry that it starts the necessary respective coordination to make this happen", Morales added.

In a statement, Netanyahu praised Morales' decision and said that he was waiting in Jerusalem.

In July, Morales decorated the outgoing Israeli ambassador Moshe Bachar with the Order of Quetzal on the Grand Cross degree, the country's highest honor, in recognition of his cooperation in strengthening the political dialogue between the Central American nation and the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished Christians around the world a "Merry Christmas".

Guatemala is home to about 1,000 Jews in a population of 15 million.

The Trump administration says recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is a "reflection of reality" and that the physical location of the embassy has no bearing on the USA commitment to a two-state solution in the Middle East.

"Though Congress passed a law in 1995 ordering the U.S. Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, successive presidents - including Trump, earlier this year - have issued a series of six-month waivers to forestall the move".

The resolution passed at the United Nations declared the U.S. action on Jerusalem "null and void".

By a 128-9 vote Thursday, the diplomats gathered in New York City ignored USA objections and approved a nonbinding resolution calling on countries to avoid moving their embassies to Jerusalem. Thirty-five nations abstained from the vote. There were also 35 abstentions and 21 countries were absent or did not vote at all. Many governments have long said that the fate of Jerusalem must be resolved through negotiations. The holy city has been at the centre of peace-making efforts for decades.

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