Remember April the giraffe? She might be pregnant again, her owner says

by Wade Massey November 11, 2017, 0:25
Remember April the giraffe? She might be pregnant again, her owner says

Seven months after millions of people watched her give birth, April the giraffe is reportedly pregnant again!

The giraffe cam was on for 65 days to watch April's pregnancy, which lasted over 16 months.

Jordan Patch, owner of the animal park, was coy when addressing rumors of the possible pregnancy, telling Good Morning America, "I can not confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy".

Patch did say, following the birth, that he was betting on welcoming twice as many visitors to the park as the previous year.

On Thursday morning, Patch stoked rumors that she might be expecting by saying he couldn't "confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy".

April the giraffe fans, another livestream may be in your future.

He also suggested that the park in upstate NY could be ready for another "giraffe cam". The Adventure Park Zoo created an online portal specifically for shoppers to purchase April the Giraffe merchandise and a GoFundMe campaign was launched in April's honor to improve the Giraffe Encounter Deck.

April is the proud mom of four calves, including 6-month-old Tajiri, who is not such a baby anymore.

"Tajiri is a word in Swahili that means hope", Patch said on "GMA" in May, revealing the calf's name for the very first time.

At "Good Morning America", Jordan Patch stated that young Tajiri is nearly 10-feet tall and that April has been a great mother so far, being very protective.

"She's obviously very in tune to him and protective of him, but she's also allowing him to take on that independent trait that he has, which definitely comes from his father", Patch said.

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