Microsoft Reveals Multibillion-Dollar Upgrade Plan For Redmond Campus

by Edgar Hayes November 30, 2017, 12:29
Microsoft Reveals Multibillion-Dollar Upgrade Plan For Redmond Campus

Microsoft has announced it's going to renovate and expand its Redmond, Washington headquarters in a bid to modernise the business' campus.

Microsoft Corp. now employs about 47,000 people in 125 buildings in Washington's Puget Sound region.

The new construction will add about 2.5 million sq. feet (0,23 sq. kms) of new space that will allow the company to bring 8,000 new employees on campus (the current campus occupies about 15 million sq. feet, or 1.39 sq. kms, and hosts over 47,000 employees). Microsoft is investing billions of dollars to redevelop it campus, and the company will tear down 12 old buildings to create the bigger 18 replacements.

Microsoft wrote on its blog, "This project represents a significant investment by the company, will involve roughly 2,500 construction and development jobs, and will take five to seven years to complete". The space will be divided into what it calls "team neighborhoods".

Microsoft's project is somewhat more traditional in comparison.

Microsoft plans to move all cars to an underground parking facility and is designing the campus entirely around pedestrians and bikes.

Microsoft plans upgrade for Redmond headquarters
Investing to grow right here at home - The Official Microsoft Blog

Artist's rendering of Microsoft's new headquarters.

Microsoft's new and improved headquarters will also feature public areas such as running and walking trails, soccer and cricket fields and retail space.

As our employees create the tools and services of the future workspace for our customers, it's important they have a campus that reflects that future for themselves. As a Zero Waste Certified campus we will continue to focus further on waste-reduction initiatives.

Microsoft's campus revamp is not the only effort to create an urban feel in the Seattle suburbs along the route of the new light rail line.

After decades in which high-tech workplaces were defined by bland, low-slung office buildings, the largest tech companies have seized on the idea that their campus designs can be assets in terms of attracting talent in a highly competitive marketplace, as well as making a strong visual statement about the company's brand, culture and values.

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