Harvey Weinstein resigns from Directors Guild of America

by Wade Massey November 30, 2017, 12:24
Harvey Weinstein resigns from Directors Guild of America

But that hasn't devalued Noble's lawsuit, which states that Weinstein "recruited and enticed" Kadian Noble with the "promise of a film role, knowing that he would use means of force, fraud or coercion to cause her to engage in a sex act".

"Harvey Weinstein actively had no intention of following through with his promise of a role in a TWC project", says Noble's lawsuit.

But that was until Kadian Noble, an aspiring British actress, made a decision to sue both Harvey and his brother Bob, and the Weinstein Company under federal sex trafficking laws, in order to bring the movie mogul to the justice that his actions over the years, has deserved.

Studio mogul Harvey Weinstein has resigned from the Directors Guild of America, more than a month after the organisation had launched disciplinary proceeding against him.

A spokeswoman for Weinstein said: "Mr Weinstein denies allegations of non-consensual sex". She told him to stop but he forced his leg between her legs and began to rub her vagina.

"I still can hear the rattle from his belt, like him undoing his belt while he had grip of me", Noble recalled, revealing that she was forced into a hotel bathroom, where Weinstein sexually assaulted her.

British actor Kadian Noble, 31, has launched a suit in the USA alleging that the producer assaulted her at the Cannes film festival in 2004, after grooming her in London, under claims he was looking to cast her in a film. The Weinstein Company producer allegedly told Noble that she needed to be "a good girl and do whatever he wished", and if she did, then "they would work" with her further, the lawsuit said.

According to the claim form, the client is seeking damages "for personal injury, expenses, consequential loss including aggravated and exemplary damages and interest arising out of a series of sexual assaults".

"TWC employees knew to "take care" of the FOHs". "If the USA prosecutors balk at the enormity of what they must do, the civil court in the United Kingdom may offer Weinstein's alleged British victims some hope of recognition and justice", she wrote.

Harvey Weinstein's legal woes have taken a new turn.

According to Noble's lawsuit, it was "common practice" of Weinstein and "well-known" to his brother Bob Weinstein that Harvey Weinstein would travel overseas and to different states to recruit, solicit and entice young female actresses with promises of film roles only to then use force, fraud or coercion to engage them in sex.

Bob Weinstein and TWC did not respond to request for comment on the complaint. "Mr Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances".

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