Facebook combines Messenger Day and Facebook Stories into Stories

by Lawrence Cooper November 15, 2017, 0:10
Facebook combines Messenger Day and Facebook Stories into Stories

Messenger Day - the Facebook Messenger version of WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories - is no more.

Messenger Day and Facebook Stories both launched in March, just weeks apart, but both of the features flopped, despite being heavily promoted and prominently placed within the two apps. The platforms were offering different stories for both the platforms which will be able to show you the same stores from Facebook app and from the Messenger app as well.

Facebook chose to merge the services after hearing from some users that they often have to upload their Stories twice - first for Messenger, then for Facebook.

When it introduced brought Stories to Facebook, Facebook also introduced Facebook Direct.

All of this might sound confusing, but thats because it is. Another new feature for the Stories that will be rolled out starting today is that Facebook users who are part of Groups and Events can now make Stories that are visible to the rest of the members. Now, the count is down to three, which is still three too many. You will also be able to cross-post your Facebook Stories. Because the company now has a Stories feature - another Snapchat feature clone - and it wants users to gravitate to it. Messenger Day was essentially the same thing, but contained to the Messenger app itself.

Nevertheless, Facebook's primary challenge now is to ensure all 2.07-billion of its monthly active users give the revamped Stories a try. "Now, it's quicker and easier to capture and share moments as they happen with the people you care about most!" it concluded. According to TechCrunch, Facebook and Messenger will maintain their individual identities by continuing to segregate camera features. "Launching in the USA on iOS and Android, Facebook "Local" combines events and permanent places to a single search engine powered by Facebook's 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends' check-ins", TechCrunch reported late on Friday. Some people actually thought these experiences were already connected.

Along with cleaning up the confusion of separate Stories, Facebook is also expanding the tool by allowing Group administrators as well as Facebook Events to post to Stories. The feature is still there and is simply called Stories now.

"We needed to make it easier for people to share Stories across different apps". But by combining Facebook and Messenger both, the number of users will definitely increase. You can even set it for the custom lists or specific friends, there will be all the options available for you. It's basically a crowdsourced version of a typical Story, where multiple users are allowed to contribute their own content in a single, all-encompassing Story post.

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