Battle for Azeroth will take us to Kul Tiras and Zandalar

by Lawrence Cooper November 4, 2017, 0:38
Battle for Azeroth will take us to Kul Tiras and Zandalar

New continents are being added to the world too, Kul Tiras for the Alliance which is the home of Jaina Proudmore, and the Troll island of Zandalar for the Horde.

It wouldn't be a Blizzcon without a World Of Warcraft expansion, and this year's packed in two.

This was a reference to "vanilla" WoW servers, which players have logged into behind Blizzard's official back to play earlier, pre-expansion versions of WoW.

Here's some more information on World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the new cinematic trailer and some screenshots. Also, each race will come with their own unique cosmetic armor that can be unlocked once they are fully leveled.

Battle for Azeroth also includes a new legendary neck piece called the Heart of Azeroth. Blizzard is bringing back vanilla World of Warcraft, WoW Executive Producer J. Allan Brack today announced during BlizzCon 2017's opening ceremony.

While new and veteran players can jump these new races up to the level cap by purchasing a boost, or simply buying a race change for an existing character, there are incentives for taking the long way. "It's going to take some time. but it will happen".

This overhaul will be coming when Battle for Azeroth launches in 2018 and will become the "foundation on which we can make World PvP great again", Hazzikostas said, implying that these overhauls could be just the beginning. World of Warcraft players are still eagerly awaiting the release of Antorus, the Burning Throne to take down the Burning Legion at their strongest, so we'll have to wait for Sargeras to be taken down first.

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