Amazon Adds ARKit Shopping to its iPhone App

by Lawrence Cooper November 2, 2017, 0:09
Amazon Adds ARKit Shopping to its iPhone App

Amazon also released several other new features recently in preparation for the holidays, including voice shopping on Alexa. You can use one finger to move the item around the room and then swivel it using two fingers. Once you choose an item, the app uses your smartphone camera to superimpose the item in your home, and you can drag and rotate the item around to see how it looks in different locations.

The AR View feature of the Amazon iOS app uses Apple's ARKit SDK meant to make it easier for developers to bring augmented reality functionality to their mobile apps. The feature is available on iPhone 6S devices and higher running iOS 11. However, it was not very useful due to the limited product set and sort of unreal overlay. Called AR View, customers can select thousands of items like home decor, electronics, home office products, toys, and games, and place them in their home. AR View isn't a toolkit for developers to make Amazon-friendly AR apps - it's a feature in their own app with which Amazon can sell products.

Amazon is not the only company to bring such a feature to its shopping app. Furniture sellers IKEA and Wayfair already offer such a facility. Such concepts, along with helping customers to make an informed choice about the product they are buying, also helps retailers push their sales along with lower returns.

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