PUBG now has its own dedicated company within Bluehole called PUBG Corp

by Lawrence Cooper October 1, 2017, 0:11
PUBG now has its own dedicated company within Bluehole called PUBG Corp

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now so big it has its own dedicated company, showing that Bluehole is keen on not being squeezed out of the battle royale market by its competitors. PUBG is very much like The Hunger Games or Japanese film Battle Royale, in which players or teams have to battle it out in a last man standing deathmatch.

As noted by Kotaku, Korean publication Gametoc reports that Bluehole Inc. has spun off a new subsidiary called PUBG Corporation.

Chang Han Kim has been named the Chief Executive Officer of the new company, previously acting as the Bluehole's vice president and the executive producer for PUBG.

Mr Kim was quoted as saying that the PUBG Corp. would ensure the required operational efficiency to support the game.

Rooted to the top spot on Steam's PC gaming retail charts since a March 2017 release, "PUBG" sold eight million copies partway through August, and 10 million by the six month mark, according to Bluehole statements; data tracking service SteamSpy has "PUBG" ownership at 12.5 million. Woonghee Cho previously served as the CEO of Maui Games and as Head of Business Development for Neowiz.

The "Seoul" listing of the PUBG Corporation logo insists on its South Korean office, with a USA office already set up in Madison, Wisconsin and future branches in Japan and Europe. The company says it will launch a "variety of new businesses including esports and prepare for PUBG to become a global IP franchise". This expansion will allow for more centralized points of contact for players around the world, ensuring that development for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS continues to be global in nature. It also broke several records on Steam as it made 1.5 concurrent users.

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