Here's the First TV Spot for the Xbox One X

by Edgar Hayes October 24, 2017, 0:23
Here's the First TV Spot for the Xbox One X

These are now the first wave of games that are being worked on by Microsoft with plenty of more games in the pipeline for the Original Xbox and the Xbox 360. He stated that "Xbox Game Pass members will have free access to Ninja Gaiden Black as part of their membership in the subscription service".

During E3, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, announced Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge would be one of the titles to join the program but many more were in the works.

While 13 is a good starting list, and there are undiscolsed plans to expand that list, the best place to suggest your own favourite is through Xbox Feedback, as with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility requests. This "leverages the power of Xbox One X to let the Xbox 360 emulator present the very best version of the game possible with the existing assets-all without touching the game code". But before Xbox fans dash off for some old-school gaming, the original Xbox titles are not showing up on the Xbox One dashboard, so are not available to play right away. Will you play it again? Also, remember that any online multiplayer aspects of these games are no longer available. Most of these games will still be in a 4:3 aspect ratio, however.

It doesn't sound like, at least initially, that achievements will be added into these games but that would certainly be something to pay attention to in the future.

The Xbox team has spent much time attempting to unify each generation together, thus allowing for their current-gen system to last for several more years.

As for what games will be coming next, it's tough to say.

Xbox platform lead Bill Stillwell told IGN that "A curated list of key games was the way to go with this", as not every original Xbox game can legally be brought up to modern day standards.

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