Smart jacket can handle calls, play music and more

by Lawrence Cooper September 28, 2017, 0:10
Smart jacket can handle calls, play music and more

The gestures for various tasks on the jacket are fully customizable. Then again, if you're anxious about how many times your jacket can be washed and if you're anxious about feeling clean while wearing this thing if it hasn't been washed according to your typical cycle, then it might be worth considering holding off on it. In partnership with Levi's, Google has announced the Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket that makes use of Jacquard technology.

The Jacquard tech is embedded in the jacket with gesture-sensing threads woven into the cuff that wirelessly connects to a mobile phone using electronics embedded in the sleeve and the flexible snap tag. "The snap tag also notifies you about incoming phone calls or text messages with light and haptic feedback".

It is unclear right now if the jacket will find many takers as the feature-set is limited and you can accomplish same tasks with other wearable devices. This is even more good news because, as Levi's pointed out during the announcement of the product, designer jackets can go up to $400. It can not be dry cleaned, they also note.

Stay focused on where you're going, not your screen. The regular, non-touch version of the Commuter jacket costs $148, which means you could buy this jacket, a pair of Apple's AirPods headphones (for $159) or Beats X headphones (for $150) and still save money over the connected version of the jacket. And above and beyond the unpleasant odors of the human condition, there's the rest of the world: Jostled lattes, not-yet-continent babies, and splashy ramen being just three of the reasons I'm doing laundry this week. By reducing washes to every ten wears, "it would decrease their energy and climate change impact by 80%".

It's also noted that the wash limit is merely "up to" ten times, with it being stated that the experience could vary from user to user, with various factors like wash cycle and usage playing a part in how many times the jacket can be washed.

Obviously, you can keep wearing it as a jacket after its connectivity has died away, so it won't be a total loss. On October 10, the Commuter Turcker Jacket will be made available on Levi's website as well as at flagship locations Chicago, New York, Santa Monica and San Francisco.

If you want to be both fashionable and connected to the internet while riding your bike, Google has just the thing for you.

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